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Count Me In

Count Me In is an app I designed for Cyldesdale and Yorkshire bank. The app is free to download and available on ios and android devices. It is aimed at 2-5 year olds. There are three mini games within the app which teach children shapes, sizes and counting.
Illustrations are by Emma Parrish and was coded by Julius Bangert.

count me in

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To celebrate good Friend Sam Jarman’s imminent wedding and for a bit of fun on the stag, John and I designed him an epic board game called Jarmanji. The board game featured 34 squares for each year of his life and 34 cards with questions and challenges based on the specific year. We also had a stack of fail cards with forfeits and designed T-shirts for everyone.

Jarmanji 1

Jarmanji 2

Jarmanji 3

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Stamford Jump

stamford jump

Stamford Jump is the latest game that I designed for the Chelsea football club kids’ site. You take control of Stamford the football clubs’ mascot. The aim of the game is to get him as high as possible. My best score is 3799 metres high!

Stamford Jump

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Stamford’s Treasure Quest

Stamford's Treasure Quest

A simple game designed for Bridge Kids which is a kids’ fan site for Chelsea football club. The game consists of five different rooms, the player needs to find a variety of different items in a set time. Play the game at the Bridge Kids site.

Stamford's Treasure Quest

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Eon Games


A selection of games I created for Eon. The game above is titled Blackout and the aim is to guide Sparky through a house which has had a blackout. Sparky has a torch to guide him but the batteries keep running out so you need to collect batteries to be able to see.
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Game Pitch



A game idea for a pitch which involves filling the pie tins with the correct ingredient. The ingredients are represented as different colours e.g. green represents slime, yellow – custard. Control the nozzle with the arrow keys and select the ingredients with the mouse and left mouse button.

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some characters and objects I was working on with the idea to create a game to do with builders.


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