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Lots of entires over at the Idle Idol site find out about the Tokyo Fire Department mascot Kyuta, Domokun – NHK’s wide mouthed monster.tower mascots from all over Japan and much more.

Idle Idol The Japanese Mascot is the first book from Edward and John Harrison published by Mark Batty publishers. The book concentrates on Japan; a mecca for Idle Idols. Discover Japans obsession with characters from Pipo-kun the smiling orange alien for the police force to Anpanman the superhero with an edible face. Learn their names, origins and stories. is currently a showcase for these wonderful characters from Japan but will soon cover mascots from around the world. check out the website for more details on the book and how you can join in the search

The Japanese have a long-standing infatuation with characters cast as three-dimensional objects that represent products, companies, civic organizations, towns and just about anything else you can imagine. Idle Idol: The Japanese Mascot examines this fascinating cultural history, documenting the evolution of these character statues ubiquitous throughout the country today. More than three-dimensional logos, these mascots exemplify how the Japanese embrace the notion of cute in all aspects of life, dating back to the Edo period. Associated with a brand or shop the mascots also exist as stand-alone characters that people adore. Photographs and written explanations vivify these unique mascots that are artful, audacious and wholly Japanese!

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