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Freezing Art Fair

I was asked to donate a piece of art for the Freezing Art Fair, an auction raising money for Save the children in Syria. It takes place on the 6th of December and you can buy tickets here. Theres some amazing artists, designers and illustrators involved including Ben Pearce, Ryan Todd and Adam Neate. The piece I’ve donated is a lamp with a triangular wolf design on both sides. This is my third piece of work where I’ve used light, the other two can be seen here and here.

triangular wolf

Triangular wolf

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Real The Physical Network

I was contacted by the Real Network and invited to be 1 of 50 founding members of a physical network. Members are encouraged to send in real things where they are collected and displayed In a small Gallery in central london. Our plot is 21, the first object I sent was a pack of badges, something we made quite a while ago so I thought I should make something new which you can see below from something I found in my desk at work. You can find out more about the project on the website or @welovereal

Real network stamp

The Real Physical Network

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A What What postcard appeared on Tuesdays Hollyoaks episode. Thanks to our keen eyed friend Elle and our only friend sad enough to watch the show.

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Plus Plush

Took part in a group show called Plus plush which is currently on at Bodhi gallery on Brick Lane (4th – 10th June). We customized a Muju designed toy and made our ‘day of the dead’ inspired man. Complete with jacket, hat and glowing eyes.



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Untitled with Fish


A piece showing at the Vinyl Factory Gallery this week . I used enamel paint on a round fluorescent light.


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Butterfly Boys

Butterfly Boys

Who want’s to be in our gang? Since coming home from New York we’ve been working on a project organised by Abe Lincoln Jr. It’s for this exhibition where we were asked to come up with our own biker gang.

Butterfly Boys

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Story Board

Story Board was an interactive project involving the general public. At the Assemble exhibition (16th – 23rd September) in Brighton. I set up a magnetic whiteboard and provided pens and magnetic images and words for people to use in creating a narrative. The idea was that people would carry on the previous persons’ story, they would then take a photo using a camera that was situated in front of the board. With the results I’ve made an animation showing every photo that was taken during the week.

See a big version here, and be sure to check out the other Start a Story projects too.

Big thanks to everyone involved, oh and more thanks to PETECUBE-music for the tune (good luck with the phd).

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I’ve been really busy lately finishing my MA at Brighton University. It’s now drawing near to my final exhibition which I’d like to invite you all to come along to.

Assemble flyer

The Assemble 06 exhibition is at Brighton University (England) and will be open to the public from September 16th – 23rd. Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 10am – 5pm, Sat/Sun: 10am – 4pm. They’ll be a chance to get involved in one of my new Start a Story projects as well as see some fantastic work by a diverse bunch of creatives.

Download the flyer here.

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Bee Afraid


Piece included in a group exhibition in London. All the works were based on a childhood belief. Our piece illustrated the belief; ‘I didnt eat honey when I was younger for the fear that it contained stray bee stings’. The work is made up of thousands of holes made using a pin. A fluorescent circular light was placed behind the paper to finish it off.

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Monster Mash – Suzie Spoon the Serial Killer

Suzie Spoon

This is Suzie Spoon the Serial Killer, she’s super cute and kinda crazy. She used to be an ordinary spoon until she was placed in a microwave.

Suzie was created for the Monster Mash; a tournament and exhibition featuring monsters created by uk artists. The project is the brainchild of the fantabulous Peskimo people. The exhibition is at Here Gallery in bristol from january 7th – 28th and then at Playlounge in London from Febuary 2nd – 25th.

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