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I made an oni (demon) mask for my son for Setsubun, the day before the beginning of Spring in Japan.


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Max Monster

I couldn’t leave out my newest nephew Max so I illustrated his name using monsters. His older brother Jack had started calling him Max Monster so I took my inspiration from him. I got the design printed on a black baby grow.

Max Monster design

Monster Max babygrow

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Leon the Lion

To brighten up my nephews room I decided to make him a vinyl sticker based on his name.

lion sticker

Leon and the Lion wall sticker

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It was all about babies in November; not only did I get a new nephew but on November 3rd I also had a son who we called Leon. Like my first nephew Jack I made a print of his name which will be put up in his room shortly.


Leon print

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Toonix objects

Over the year I worked on Toonix I illustrated and animated hundreds of objects which were added to the shop ever month for the players to buy with the coins they collected. Here’s a small selection.

Toonix objects

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I’m proud to have worked on the front page and login screens for SuperStadia, the awesome multi player sport section of Toonix.

Superstadia login

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City Kicks website

One of the most exciting and challenging projects I’ve worked on this year was the design of the City Kicks website. City Kicks is Manchester Citys’ Kids Membership scheme and the site is a place fans can find out the latest news, watch videos and play games.

Landing page

In order to view content on the site you would have to register to become a member of City Kicks, as a result of registering the age of the user could be captured. One of the unique aspects of the site was to tailor the content to the age of the user visiting. For example; some content such as social media elements would only appear if the member was a teenager where as some games would appear to everyone.

City Kicks 0-5

City Kicks 6-11

City Kicks 11-

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Boomerang Christmas

A special winter background for Boomerang during December which I designed.

Boomerang Christmas

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