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Moshi flowers

Another job for Moshi Monsters. This time I designed and animated two flowers which you can collect in the site. On the left we have the Trashy Tulip and on the right Hip Hop Hibiscus.

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Moshi Games

I’ve been working lots with the great people at Moshi Monsters for a good part of this year. One of the biggest jobs was redesigning the Moshi Games site. Part of the job also meant I had to tirelessly play every game they have and make icons for each one of them. Some of my favourite games were the addictive Hide Caesar 2, the engaging little wheel and the beautifully animated Home Sheep Home.

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Cat Card

Miki's birthday card

A birthday card for my cat obsessed wife Miki using some origami paper and some custom made wobbly eyes.

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letter A

On the 2nd of May the What What brothers became proud uncles so we made a poster for our new favourite nephew.

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