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Mad Waves

Matt Alt recently wrote about the tsunami characters he’s spotted around Japan which warn of the dangers that everyone should be aware of when living near to the coast. Near where I live is a river which has a number of anthropomorphic waves who aren’t necessarily warning of tsunamis but illustrate the danger of playing in the water. Every 10 of so meteres theres a different sign with slight variations to what I imagine was the original template. Perhaps school children each painted one and gave their own unique stamp to them.
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Quakebook 2

Whilst most people and all the quakebook team love the quakebook cover it was decided it wouldn’t be as appropriate and effective for a Japanese version of the book. I immediatly thought of Linda Nakanishi’s wonderful lotus flower illustration which has a more inspiring and positive message behind it. Linda explains the symbolisim of the image here. A reminder that book is out and available to buy here (US) or here (UK) buy the book and help Japan!

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