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front cover to Remos new book


Remo Camerota’s new book Drainspotting hits the shelves soon. I’m really pleased that two of my photos from Okinawa made into the awesome collection. I met Remo last year and got chatting to him about his great Graffiti Japan book and I’ve got him to thank for inspiring and encouraging me in making Idle Idol happen.

To see more of my draincover photos check out my collection at flickr.

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Some more portraits of me drawn by some young Japanese students (12-13) from Fukazawa Junior High School. You can see some from last year here.

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Idle Idol site- updates

Lots going on over at Idle Idol, here’s an update of some of the links
Plastic Pigs
Native American Store Standers
Japanese Robots
Elephant and Castle
Big Crabs in Japan
Face Off

Lastly you can now see what the book looks like here

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Vending machines – Coined Consumerism

coined consumerism

many vending machines

Beer and liquor

Christopher D Salyers has a great new book out on Vending machines featuring two of my photos. Vending machines – Coined Consumerism is by MBP the same publisher as Idle Idol. The first one was snapped at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. There must be a lot of thirsty people who visit that place. The second is somewhere in Tokyo, possibly Shinagawa. There are beer vending machines everywhere in Japan. Children below the legal drinking age must be a lot more well behaved as something tells me this wouldn’t work in England.

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Idle Idol Badges

idle idol badge sets

idle idol badges

Idle Eyes badge sets

Two new badge sets are now available to buy from the whatshop, they’re both Idle Idol themed and are sure to delight and amaze. The first set is simply title ‘Idle Idol‘, if you choose this set you’ll receive a pack containing four random badges of mascot faces. There are 25 idle idol mascot badges in total. This set would be the perfect accompaniment to the Idle Idol book which is currently available to pre-order from amazon and will soon be sold on the whatshop too. The second set is title ‘Idol Eyes‘, and feature some close up shots of a selection of interesting mascot eyes.

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