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Sticker Book

sticker book 2

Got a page in a new book called ‘Stickers 2‘.

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New work for Myspace added to the portfolio section.

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Kigirumi 2009 Summit



Despite being ill I attended the extremely fun Yurukyara festival in Hikone a couple of weeks ago. Hikonyan pictured above was the undeniable star of the event almost causing a riot when he was driven along the street. There were around 150 other characters representing other castles, prefectures, bridges and even roads. To find out what Kigirumi and Yurukyara mean check out this Japan times article and to see the event watch this video.

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we are 5

This year What What turned 5, to celebrate we decided to redesign the website. The new blog has been up for a while, but now you can see a great new portfolio section, updated homepage and a fantastic shop. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Be sure to sign up to the mailing list, here’s the latest one we sent out earlier today.

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Game Pitch



A game idea for a pitch which involves filling the pie tins with the correct ingredient. The ingredients are represented as different colours e.g. green represents slime, yellow – custard. Control the nozzle with the arrow keys and select the ingredients with the mouse and left mouse button.

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Kero-chan and Koro-chan


This cute couple were given to me by the wonderful people at Kowa Pharmaceuticals. These are Yubi ningyou or finger dolls. Apparently there are more of these and other Kowa frogs than there are people in Japan. If you want to find out more about them you can visit this website (in Japanese) or wait until my book comes out.

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Not quite Idle Idol enough but I like these signs a lot. The eyes madly rotate round and round outside these opticians. Megane means glasses in Japanese.

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Kanji car

Kanji Car

A new flickr set showing some of the wonderful rusted kanji and kana I’ve seen on the streets in Japan. This is the kanji for car or kuruma.

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Farewell Gid & Netty


gid & netty

Here’s a little illustration for a card and some badges I made for my Aussie friends who are flying home. In case you’re wondering why one of them has a saxophone; well Gideon is an extremely talented saxophonist and Lynette is wearing a crown because she’s (the unofficial) Queen of Oz.

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